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Last-Minute Gifts? Use CNET Shopping to Seek Out the Best Deals

Here's how to use our browser extension to get the best online deals (and some bonus resources, too) during the holidays -- or any time.

There's less than a week until Christmas, and your gift buying is hitting a frenetic pace. But are you actually getting the best price on that last-minute gift? That's where CNET Shopping comes in. This browser extension was formerly known as Priceblink, and recently became a part of the CNET family. Once installed, it rides along when you're shopping at many of your favorite online retailers -- Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target, to name a few -- where it will make sure you're getting the best deal (among the stores we cover). 

It's got three main features -- here's how it works.

Three ways to save

When you install the CNET Shopping extension, you'll unlock three ways to save money while you shop online. 

Screenshot by CNET

Price comparison: Once you've installed the extension, point you browser to a product page at any major online retailer -- Amazon, Target, Walmart and the like -- and CNET Shopping will instantly search the web for better offers. While it's not foolproof, it generally provides an excellent snapshot of competing prices among the web's top stores. You'll know right away whether you're getting the best price, or be able to jump to a more affordable competitor. 

Coupon finder: Did you know you may be losing out on free discounts when you buy online? With CNET Shopping installed, you'll immediately be made aware of the relevant coupon codes available on the site where you're shopping -- including a checkout scan to verify any possible final deals. 

Price tracking: Looking to buy something, but waiting for it to go on sale? With CNET Shopping's price tracker, you can do just that. On some products at supported retailers, you'll see an "Add Price Alert" button (as shown below) that will add that product to your personal tracking list. If and when it hits a discount percentage you specify, you'll be notified so you can pounce on the sale. 

Amazon/Screenshot by CNET

How to install

Just click here (or on the button above) to install the CNET Shopping extension. It's completely free, and it works with all major desktop web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Installation is quick and easy (and you can always uninstall it from your browser's settings menu, should you choose). 

Looking for more deals and shopping advice? 

The CNET Shopping extension is just one way we help you save money. Join the thousands of subscribers of the CNET Deals texting group who get our top deal pick every weekday delivered straight to their phones -- often something in the sub-$30 range. 

Other ways to save:

  • Check out our CNET Deals section. See every deal CNET highlights every day. 
  • CNET's Gift Guide. Our headquarters for top gift picks -- for the holidays, or any other time of the year. 
  • CNET Coupons: As noted above, CNET Shopping automatically scans for the best applicable coupons while you shop. But if you prefer to browse available offers, check out our coupon hub

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